Your Local Shepparton Optometrist helps you to see the world clearer!

Are you experiencing blurred vision at all?  If so, we understand the frustration!  It’s a situation that hundreds and thousands of Australians face each year – regardless of whether they wear glasses or not.

If you find it difficult to:

  • Read the whiteboard at school or university;
  • Read the road signs while driving;
  • See the television or computer screen; or
  • Read books or newspapers…

…then it’s time to come and see us for an eye test!

At Shepparton Optical Services our eye tests are all about you!

Our objective of course is to help you see the world clearly, and by booking your eye test with us, we’ll get you well on the way to achieving that!

An eye test in our view is so much more than just determining how blurry your vision is at the moment.  In addition to assessing your current vision, one of our qualified, friendly Optometrists will:

  • Assess the overall health of your eyes;
  • Discuss with you the optical requirements you have for your lifestyle;
  • Talk to you about the corrective vision options available;
  • Help you decide on the spectacles or contact lenses most suited; and
  • Answer any questions you may have regarding your vision and eye health.

That’s because a Shepparton Optical Services Optometrist is your partner in helping you see the world minus the blur!

Call us today to book your eye test with us and experience personal service that’s second to none.